Mixtape Monday: Larry Levan, James Murphy and Dope Jams


So, this is a Monday of huge, significant mixes for you… This is how to start the week out right. Let’s cut right to the chase: you’re in for some serious treats on a dreary day.


It came out of left field, but you simply can’t say no to uncovered footage from the Paradise Garage’s closing days. You see plenty of the “anything goes” sets of today in Larry Levan’s unreal sets back in the day, and the atmosphere you get to check out in this video only enhances the experience. Considering how many parties these days are full of self-conscious arm-crossers and dudes looking for track IDs, this is a breath of fresh air from a true master.

Speaking of true masters, I had the pleasure of “seeing” James Murphy DJ at the big DFA anniversary party a week or so ago. It was terrific in the sense that James simply stayed in the shadows playing his set as half of the crowd anxiously awaited seeing him twiddle some knobs on stage while the rest of the crowd danced to what were some truly awesome jams. He’s brought it every time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him on the decks, and this was no exception.

Finally, I was depressed to discover that Dope Jams was closing a few months ago, but happy to see that they resurfaced in upstate New York a couple weeks back. The store opened a few blocks from my dorm just before I moved to New York for college, so seeing a group of kindred spirits leave was pretty tough, especially since their parties were unreal. Luckily, main man Slow to Speak recently uploaded a set from the final party, and it encapsulates their spirit so well: sometimes deep, sometimes fun, always dope.

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