Mixtape Monday: Todd Edwards and Skream


Happy Memorial Day! Once you’ve (hopefully) called your veteran friends and relatives for a quick thank you, it’s time to hang outside, grill various meats, and listen to awesome tunes. I’m here to help you with that last part before I leave for the day. After a work-related absence last week, mixtape Monday returns with an unreal mix from Todd Edwards.


Yes, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Todd the God would make a perfect Essential Mix, but it doesn’t stop me from being in awe of it. After a very heartwarming introduction, Edwards goes to town by mixing a lot of his fellow Daft Punk collaborators together, even putting “Digital Love” over a Moroder classic. The reworks here are just as fun as the track selections, and the Animal Collective remix alone should be enough to make you groove. I’m beyond excited for his new album.

If you’re looking for classically minded set, though, Skream (of all people!) has an amazing set of disco jams for you. It’s laid-back, a little sloppy, but perfect for a day like this. Some of it will be familiar, some brand new, and all fun. Skream was at one point the poster child for the kind of  wobbly “dubstep” that infiltrated US soil and became EDM, but if this mix is any indication, he’s ready to change his tune in 2013. Here’s hoping.

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