Mixtape Monday: xxxy and Bondax

xxxy (1)

Hi there! Has your Cinco de Mayo hangover subsided? Yeah, neither has mine. Regardless, it’s time to get back to the grind, and as always the music gods have bestowed a new set of mixes for us to get through the day. This week puts us in a UK state of mind thanks to two of the region’s rising stars.


While producer xxxy has been around for a few years now, the man behind “Ordinary Things” had a fairly quiet 2012 before storming back on the scene this year. Along with his new Got So Me EP, Mr. Rupert Taylor has put together a freakishly good mix for the Red Bull Music academy. If you’re too impatient to go through the whole mix, feel free to fast-forward to the 30 minute mark and receive a huge dose of energy for the day. Check out the mix here.

Meanwhile, one of many UK teenage acts killing it lately has put together a groovy mix all their own. Yes, Bondax continue to endear themselves to us while refining their aesthetic after a few killer singles. This time around, the group are definitely in a spring state of mind, putting out some warm jams along with their new remix of “No Diggity” (!) and the amazing new Karma Kid single (more on that one in the next couple weeks). Get dancing, and get back to work.

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