Mixtape Monday: Jagwar Ma, Tiger & Woods


If you’ve been paying attention to my blabbering about music over the years (or have the displeasure of being my Facebook friend), you’ve probably noticed me get excited about even the slightest of activity from Australia’s Jagwar Ma. After first hearing them through the excellent (former?) boutique label The Sound of Sweet Nothing, “Come Save Me” quietly made its way into my top 100 tracks of 2011 under the wire. Since then, they spent 2012 in a period of radio silence before unleashing “The Throw” recently, and now they’ve got both a new song and mix before their debut album, Howlin’, drops in June.


Unlike most of the mixes that get posted here, Jagwar Ma aren’t trying to make you dance, but they’ll still make you have fun. Mixing bits of their new single “Man I Need” with everything from the Animals to afrobeat, it’s sunny and summery all-over-the-place in its own special way, in the same way that these Madchester revivalists are doing something different and interesting in an age when everyone seems to follow the same pecking order. That new album can’t hit my ears soon enough.

If you want some amazing straight up dance music, though, look no further than the hilariously named Tiger & Woods. The mysterious duo have quietly crafted some great disco-infused house over the past few years, but if this mix of old and new tracks (along with some favorites) is any indication, they’re about to soundtrack our summer even as we struggle to learn a single damn thing about them. The summer is nearly here, let’s get the BBQ jams going!

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