Mixtape Monday: Flight Facilities


When I saw Flight Facilities live a few weeks ago, it confirmed that I was in the presence of kindred spirits about halfway through their set. Amidst a mix of original tracks, the Australian duo played what was, in a lot of ways, my own past and present listening habits, dropping Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909” into Disclosure’s “White Noise,” which led to “Blue Monday” before closing the little breakdown with Metro Area’s “Miura.” It made me realize that these guys across the world grew up on the exact same diet of dance-pop, and the results of their own track show.


If that wasn’t sufficient evidence, they’ve also been putting together a set of four mixes, each covering a decade of music history with some snippets from the news thrown in for good measure. While the decades focusing on the ’70s and ’80s were heavy on the songs that ruled the airwaves in those eras (with a bit of Italo disco and early house thrown in for good measure) and the ’90s were an old-school hip-hop dance party, this final mix is different. Like me, the duo got truly into dance music in this past decade, and in their own words, it’s a bit of a dance music bible for them. It’s like that for me as well… There’s a moment on here that basically defines the moment I knew I was no longer a rock guy, as a two minute span plays LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost!, Justice, and a little snippet of Daft Punk’s live show in the background. It’s a bit like a magical time machine, and I can’t wait to hear these guys craft even more music inspired by the same things I grew up on.

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