Mixtape Monday: Goldroom and Jerome LOL


Holy crap, it’s an actual spring day in New York City… The temperature is above 65, the sun is shining, and we’re all resenting being at work. If there’s one thing to ease the pain, it’s that today’s mixtape Monday features a set perfect for this kind of weather and the promise it brings courtesy of LA producer Goldroom.


In the year or so since I first heard him via the track “Fifteen,” Goldroom has really been on a tear, refining an aesthetic that’s both sunny and dreamy, and if “Sweetness Alive” and “Only You Can Show Me” are any indicator, he’s going to have a breakout year. In the meantime, he’s put together a spring mix for Saguaro, and it’s nothing short of sublime, featuring a cut that’ll appear on the next Kid Pretentious mix, the unstoppable new Les Sins track, and a whole bunch of other songs perfect for this temperature.

If you’re looking for something a little more progressive, forward-thinking producer Jerome LOL has the mix for you. Despite the unfortunate breakup of the terribly named LOL Boys, Jerome has continued his distinct sound, creating some strangely satisfying hybrid of lounge-leaning dance music and ’90s R&B. While we’re sure he’s got a million mystery projects up his sleeve this year, this new “A/S/L” mix ought to show you where his head’s at, and it’s easily cause for excitement.

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