Mixtape Monday: ForteBowie and The Magician


It’s the last week of February. As always, this is a thing worth celebrating. Regardless of whether your work life and cold weather have consumed your social life and little hobby blog, I’ve got just the right mixtapes to put a spring in your step. Once again, there’s a little something for everyone this week, but Atlanta MC ForteBowie takes the spotlight this week.


ForteBowie was part of an excellent, free showcase I checked out during CMJ last fall, and admittedly the act I was least familiar with on the bill. Regardless, an awesomely named dude in a vintage Denver Nuggets jersey was enough to pique my interest, and what I saw was promising, Along with some cool tracks, a fun-but-gimmicky Empire of the Sun sample, and a bizarre Bonnie Raitt cover, ForteBowie seemed to tow the line between indie expertimentation and traditional hip-hop cool. The new Vice Haus EP confirms this, shifting between hip-hop, R&B, and pop with equal flare, interspersed with little spoken words bits showing off his neurotic signs (as well as the city of Atlanta’s at large). Basically, hop on the bandwagon now. Stream standout track “Little League Love” above and download the full EP here.

For you dance geeks out there, the Magician has delivered as always. A monthlyish source of the best new house/disco tracks out there, the Magician always has at least one track you’ll be hooked on with each Magic Tape. This time around, the former Aeroplane member has cuts from Goldroom, Roberto Rodriguez, and a few up-and-comers worth knowing. Get to dancing, and kick the week off right.

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