Mixtape Monday: Le1f and Oneman

Let’s face the facts, guys: it’s Monday, and that fucking sucks. The fact that we can’t all crawl back to bed while the wintry mix does its thing outside is irreversible. Let’s try to make the most of it by listening to some rad jams. Luckily, two acts tipped for big things are providing us with just that even as we dream about the new Daft Punk album. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Le1f is basically the best, I don’t care which movement you associate him with. Whether you’re into his unconventional, forward-thinking production choices or his attempts to change the hip-hop landscape as more than just a “queer rapper,” the dude is immensely talented. After seeing him perform a few tracks like “Timbs” back in 2009 his disappeared before producing Spank Rock and Big Freedia’s epic “Nasty,” and then really blew up with last year’s excellent Dark York mixtape. Now he’s back with Fly Zone, featuring another set of futuristic productions alongside guest spots from Spank Rock and Kitty Pryde, improving his flow and vocal clarity in the process. Basically, bounce in your chair and start voguing, okay? Download Fly Zone here.

Oneman, unless you’re checking out the UK Bass scene from afar, is a less known name. Known for throwing some of the coolest club nights in London alongside his Rinse.FM shows, Oneman sometimes feels like a shadow figure gearing the electronic sounds across the pond. While his Fabric Live mix last year changed that a little bit (along with his killer new edit of the xx’s “Chained”), his new Solitaire mixtape might show you what the fuss is all about. Unafraid to shift between bass music, post-dubstep, pop, hip-hop and trap, this is one mixtape you should listen to for curiosity’s sake alone. Download it here, and then work with a smile on your face.

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