FaltyDL Is This Week’s Best Album You Haven’t Heard


Every week, there’s at least one album flying under the radar, avoiding the recognition it deserves. Some weeks they’re easier to spot, other weeks you might miss it completely. In what marks the closest to a weekly feature we’ve had so far, I’m going to attempt to highlight one of these every Tuesday or Wednesday. Everybody loves features, right? Anyway, yesterday saw the release of great albums for all sorts of people, whether you’re an awesome person (Toro Y Moi), a drunk punk (FIDLAR), or someone feeling nostalgia for circa-2004 indie rock (Foxygen). Still, I’m astounded by how little I’m hearing about FaltyDL’s Harcourage.


The name will only be familiar to a certain breed of dorky electronic kids. When the post-dubstep/bass music/whatever-people-in-London-really-called-it scene first emerged, FaltyDL’s name was right up there with Jamie XX in terms of excitement for a lot of people. He seemingly flew under the radar for the last year or so, though, and the result is Hardcourage. The understated tendencies are still there, but the producer’s added a lush expansiveness to his sound this time, making for the kind of album you can get lost in easily. It’s far from a crossover record, but even as a forward-thinking electronic album a lot of people are going to be surprised by how much they dig this.

DOWNLOAD: FaltyDL – “Straight & Arrow”

Hardcourage is out now on NinjaTune. Stream it on MOG and buy it on iTunes.

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