Jens Lekman – “Olivia and Maddy”


Every month or two, I always remind myself to check Jens Lekman’s “smalltalk” blog. There’s always a fun mix of goofy real life stories, tour dates, and factoids about dead authors and scientists. He’s also big on unconventional fan interaction. For instance, he has a topic of discussion each month, and as long as you don’t add any weird fanboy asides he’ll respond to your stories a few months later (I’ve talked to him about urban planning and the joys of running). In October, though, he interacted in an act of desperation. Out of that, a new song was born, which he quietly released to the world on New Year’s Eve.


In the words of Lekman:

Back in October, my pianist Jonas got stuck in New York after the city got hit by hurricane Sandy. The roads were flooded, flights were cancelled, even the Chinatown buses stood still. This was two days before our west coast tour was supposed to start. I decided to ask for your help. I asked if anyone would be able to drive him to Boston where I knew we could get him on a plane. In return I offered a little money and a song. 

I was shocked when I checked my email a few minutes later and it was packed with people wanting to help. Shortly I had two girls on the case, Olivia and Maddy. I promised them a song for their job and so here it is. On the last day of the year. 

The song, “Olivia and Maddy,” has much more in common with the Lekman we fell in love with than the understated ballads of his most recent album. A goofy tribute that’s heartfelt despite contemplating what he could get his army of fans to do beyond this, this is a track that’s bound to brighten your day.

DOWNLOAD: Jens Lekman – “Olivia and Maddy”

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